Here you will find a list of testimonials given to us by our satisfied customers.


Working with John Haddad at his state of the art recording studio is always an awesome experience.  We have been able to get the sound that we want without ever compromising.  If you want your music to sound epic – then John Haddad and Trench Studios is the place to be.  The studio has a comfortable and relaxed atmosphere. HIRAX has recorded our last few records there because quite honestly, we love the way Haddad works. He thinks like and is a musician.  He continues to give us the best experience every time.  If you are in a heavy band and you want kick ass production we, HIRAX recommend that you record at Trench Studios.  You will be amazed at how good your music sounds when your project is completed.

Katon W. De Pena (HIRAX)


“John is a hard working and super dependable guy. He has always been supportive of the artist’s direction, while contributing to the creative side. John has a great ear and years of experience. Not only does he twist knobs and bring out the life in bands, but he plays music himself and has the perspective of both sides. The fact that he is also a drummer, is one of the many reasons why he and I connect so well. I’ve done over 7 records with John and we will continue to push boundaries at Trench Studios!”

Danny Walker (Intronaut, Exhumed, Murder Construct, Bad Acid Trip, Phobia..)


Our experience at Trench was not only sonically intense and totally professional, but we truly had a killer time cranking out heavy sounds with John manning the board….

Matt Harvey (Exhumed, Gravehill, Dekapitator, etc.)


“We’ve done three albums with John in some shape or form and I think that says a lot. The man is a god of drum tones and definitely knows his way around the studio. Do yourself a favor and work with him.”

Charles Elliot (Abysmal Dawn)


“I credit John’s meticulous attention to detail when it came to tracking and mixing our first few releases for much of the attention we got right out of the gate. On top of that he’s a great guy. Quality time spent making a quality product. Highly recommended.”

Sacha Dunable (Intronaut)


I would have to say Trench Studios is easily one of Phobia’s best experiences as far as studios go, and we have been doing this for 21 years. It also helps that John Haddad being a heavy music veteran as well as his diversity to really complement any style of music and make it sound top notch..the environment is a really comfortable setting that I feel is very important when it comes to spending large amounts of time working on your record, demo or what ever it may be your band is doing..we have recorded masterpieces there, and probably wouldn’t have been possible anywhere else being how my band works!!

Shane Mclachlan(Phobia, Final Conflict)